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Dr. Karissa Price-Rico Demonstrates the Benefits of EarlySense’s Continuous Monitoring System at Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference

  There are a number of reasons why the use of continuous monitoring devices is on the rise throughout the nation’s (and the world’s) hospitals and healthcare facilities — and EarlySense Chief Operating Officer Karissa Price-Rico, PhD discussed them in detail at the 3rd annual Fortune Brainstorm...

vital sign

The 5 Most Important Patient Vital Signs

Walking through the halls of a medical facility, it’s standard to find nurses and doctors making rounds, regularly checking in on their patients. Monitoring patient vital signs is common practice amongst medical professionals, and plays a key role in patient health and clinical outcomes. Regular...

earlysense helps prevent pressure ulcers with timely turn reminders to staff

6 Tips for Avoiding Pressure Ulcers in Healthcare Facilities

A silent but serious condition is impacting healthcare facilities around the world, taking a serious toll not only on patient safety but hospital revenue and operating costs, too. Although it’s not contagious, this condition afflicts 2.5 million patients each year, resulting in 60,000 deaths...


5 Considerations for European Nursing Homes Upgrading to the Digital Age

The world is graying. According to EuroStat projections, population ageing is going to attain unprecedented levels throughout Europe in the next 50 years. This means that the senior living industry could potentially see a surge in residing residents in the near future. This impending flood of...