5 Key Considerations for Patient Monitoring during a Pandemic

Why Hospitals Need to Start Adopting Automated Compliance and Big Data

How to Better Monitor Respiratory Rate, ‘the Most Neglected Vital Sign’

Improve Post Acute Care Coordination with Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring

How Post-Acute Care Networks Can Retain (and Increase) Hospital Referrals with Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring

How Continuous Monitoring Helps Improve Clinical Documentation & Education in Post-Acute Settings

4 Ways Continuous Monitoring Technology Can Help Improve Nurse Job Satisfaction

Evidence-Based Model of Outcomes for Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring

Post-Acute Nursing Shortages? Technology May be Your Best Solution

How Post-Acute Care and SNFs Can Reduce Hospital Readmissions with Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring

A ROI Model for Post-Acute and Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring

What Is Contact-Free Continuous Monitoring (CFCM)?

Why Post-Acute Success Depends on Accepting High-Acuity Patients (and How to Do It)

How Contact Free Continuous Monitoring Technology Provides a Competitive Edge for Post-Acute Care Facilities

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates with Continuous Patient Monitoring

Why Facilities Should Upgrade the “Spot Check” with Continuous Monitoring

Dr. Karissa Price-Rico Demonstrates the Benefits of EarlySense’s Continuous Monitoring System at Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference

The 5 Most Important Patient Vital Signs

6 Tips for Avoiding Pressure Ulcers in Healthcare Facilities

5 Considerations for European Nursing Homes Upgrading to the Digital Age

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